What is a PolyGlass Waterproof Membrane?

Prepare for Hurricane Season with Waterproof Roofing

Hurricane season is becoming more severe each year. The at-risk area for category 5 hurricanes is steadily growing, and the storms are retaining their strength further inland. If your home is susceptible to hurricanes or tropical storms, you should protect your property with a Polyglass waterproof roof membrane. Waterproof roofing helps prevent leakage and the rot and property damage it often causes. In order to provide the best possible product, Massey provides a second Polyglass underlayment layer at no additional cost, something other companies charge extra for. 

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What is Polyglass?

Polyglass is a two-system underlayment that serves to keep the roof waterproof during extreme weather. Polystick® Self-Adhered Underlayments, produced by Polyglass U.S.A., are manufactured with ADESO®, a patented dual­ compound self-adhesive technology. It provides for a high-temperature weathering surface, an aggressive adhesive compound on the bottom, and provides the high-performance waterproofing that your home needs this hurricane season. On its own, this underlayment would get fantastic results, but it’s reinforced with a strong fiberglass mat. Each of these systems provides excellent waterproofing protection, but together the effect is at least doubled.

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This two-layer underlayment system is a first-rate waterproof roofing solution. But that’s not all: Polyglass is so confident in their product that they offer a 30-year warranty for any contractors with Polyglass training and certification. Our expert contractors have undergone training with Polyglass and we have that certification, meaning your roof is warranty-protected for thirty years. Miami-Dade County has some of the most stringent hurricane building codes in the world, and the Polystick Two-Ply Underlayment System passes them with flying colors. Additionally, it’s the only two-layer system currently available in the Florida market. Thanks to the robust design, our expert installation, and a generous Polyglass warranty, it’s the best choice for long-lasting protection of your roof and your peace of mind.

Benefits of Polystick Underlayment System

If you work with a Polyglass registered contractor, you’ll enjoy the 30-year limited warranty that Polyglass U.S.A., Inc. offers on the Polystick Two-Ply Underlayment System. Polyglass manufactures the Polystick roof underlayments in the Polyglass Florida plant, creating local jobs and tailored to meet the challenges of Florida weather. Not to mention, Water-Resistant Polystick underlayments are specifically designed to work for tile, metal roofing, and shingle roofs.

All Polystick underlayments are designed for high-temperature environments, which prevents degrading during the hot Florida summer.  Polystick underlayments meet the unique building codes and have the approval of Miami-Dade County and the state of Florida. Additionally, Self-Sealing Membrane Polystick underlayments seal around fasteners for the best possible waterproofing characteristics. No other manufacturer has a system that offers this kind of protection.

  • Independently tested and certified
  • May help reduce your insurance premiums
  • Cleaner and faster installation
  • Provides meaningful warranty coverage
  • Economical, long-term performance
  • Watertight protection 30 Year Warranty
  • Locally made in Florida
  • Adherence to Florida and Miami-Dade County building codes and other regulations
  • Temperature Resistance
  • High Wind Performance
  • Self-Sealing
  • Suitable for tile, metal roofing, and shingle roofs

Call Massey Roofing Services

Here at Massey Roofing Services, we’re experienced, Polyglass-certified contractors who get the job done right every time. Call us for a quote on installing a Polyglass waterproof roofing membrane and enjoy a 30-year warranty as well as peace of mind.

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