What Are Roof Gutters? Are They Necessary in SWFL?

Learn more about roofing gutters, and why they are so important in places like Southwest Florida, where rain may be unpredictable but very likely to happen, and when it rains in Florida, it pours! Also, find out why regular roof inspections are important in the sunshine state. 

What Are Roof Gutters?

Also known as rain gutters, roof gutters are long hollow devices that are attached to and run along the edges of your roof. While roof gutters today are stylish and colorful, you may think that they are merely for decoration, but the primary purpose of a roof gutter is to capture and direct rainwater where you want it to go, usually away from your foundation. Roof gutters help reduce erosion of topsoil and protect siding, doors, and windows from rotting, prevent basement floods and staining from water damage.

Does My Home in Southwest Florida Need a Roof Gutter System?

Almost every home requires a rain gutter system in order to function properly, especially homes that are located in wet climates. Even if you live in an area where it barely rains, you should still consider having rain gutters since “barely” doesn’t mean it won’t rain.

Even light rain can have the same impacts on your home and its foundation because no matter how softly rain falls onto a roof, rainwater will still build up and create a powerful surge as it runs off. If this surge is not diverted, the ground next to your foundation will be hammered, and this is not a good thing. When water pounds on your foundation, the soil can erode and seep into or along the foundation, which increases the risk of structural instability and basement leaks that could lead to flooding, rotting, or mold.

The only exception is if your yard is graded steeply away from the house or if the roof has long overhangs.

A solid functional gutter system can help prevent:

  • Water damage that can cause deterioration, rotting fascia, masonry, soffit, and mold in shingles.
  • Moisture in windows, since creating condensation can damage interior walls, sills, and more.
  • Water running along the foundation that could flood your basement, damage your foundation, or spur erosion.

But roof gutters do more than just manage stormwater and protect your house. They also help protect your neighbor’s property and help preserve your yard. Without a good functioning rain gutter with downspouts that controls runoff water safely, rainwater could easily cut a pathway through not only your yard but your neighbor’s yard as well, pooling in low-lying areas, creating ditches, and even destroying lawns, flowerbeds, and other vegetation.  

The Different Types of Roof Gutters

Although roof gutters are just simple devices, they come in a wide range of configurations and are basically made with five different materials. So whether you are replacing old rain gutters or installing new gutters for the first time, there is some important information you should know to help you make the best choice for a quality gutter system.

One-Piece Gutters

One-piece gutters are traditional gutters, mostly used by homeowners for their homes. There are several types, including a no slope and roll-formed and a custom-made gutter system tailored to meet your structure’s needs.

Two-Piece Gutters 

For these Gutters to function properly, they require professional installation since it takes proper waterproofing techniques to avoid joint infiltration between the apron and gutter.

Built-In Gutters

Also known as gutter liners, these gutters are typically found in older homes, whereas gutters are placed around the roof’s lower edge.

Shell and Liner or Double Bottom Gutters

These gutter types feature a decorative shell on the outside with a custom profile and a tapered gutter liner inside that is responsible for draining the water.  

To choose the best gutter to fit the roof of your home or for expert roofing repair or roof replacement, contact Massey Roofing Services. We will be more than happy to help you find the right rain gutter to suit your needs and we will even install it for you, too. But, aside from installing gutters, we also offer gutter cleaning and gutter inspections to help maintain your roof gutter and ensure it remains in good working condition and free of debris. 

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Why Roof Inspections Are Necessary For Rain Gutters To Work Properly

Having a rain gutter on your roof is not enough. Your gutter must also be kept clean, free of debris, and maintained regularly. When cleaning and regular maintenance of your gutter system is ignored, you are asking for problems. This is because having clogged gutters is the same or even worse than having no gutters.

When rainwater gets trapped in a downspout or clogged gutter, it has nowhere else to go so it will go over the trough’s edge, rendering the gutter system useless. In addition, when twigs, leaves, and other debris are clogged in the gutter and remain all winter, it can result in snowmelt pooling and refreezing inside, potentially weighing it down so much that it can become unattached from the house. Clogged gutters can also increase the risk of forming ice dams around the edges of your roof.

To avoid these problems and more, your gutters should be cleaned twice a year; around springtime and then again around fall just before winter arrives.

Performing Regular Roof Inspections, Cleaning, and Maintenance

Performing regular roof inspections can help maintain the condition of your roof and avoid future costly roof repairs. Inspections don’t cost much and they are the only way to determine whether your gutters are clogged since you can’t tell just by looking at them.

Thus, you should always have your gutters cleaned by professionals to avoid accidents and ensure the job gets done right. Roof inspections not only determine if your gutters are clogged but can also detect other common roof problems, such as:

  • Moss or plants growth
  • Shingle granules in gutters
  • Crack or leaks in the roof
  • Missing shingles
  • Shingles buckling or curling
  • Roof drooping or sagging

Massey Construction Group provides roofing contractor services in Naples and SWFL. We are committed to providing our clients with the best and fastest services possible. If you’re not sure if your roof needs maintenance, or want to schedule an inspection, call us for a free quote: 844.784.7663 or contact us here.

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