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From hurricanes to afternoon downpours to 100+ degree heat, Florida weather is tough on home exteriors and especially your roof. When selecting the material for a new roof installation it’s important to understand the differences of each style. This article discusses why you might choose a tile roofing in Naples for your FL home.


Beautiful and rugged, clay and concrete tile offer many options for creating a unique appearance for your home. Clay roofing tiles are a very popular option in South Florida but they come in a variety of colors and styles to match any architectural style. Some types of tile are designed to emulate traditional barrel style or other roofing materials such as wood and slate. And, due to their high level of durability and Class-A fire resistance, they also increase your home’s appraisal value more than asphalt shingles.

Eagle Roofing, just one of the many brands we carry, offers over 40 different colors, styles and shades of Capistrano tiles, just one of several tile profiles they offer.



Click HERE to browse Eagle Roofing’s selection of styles and colors.


Clay tile roofs are everywhere in South Florida and for good reason! Tile roofs have the lowest life cycle cost of any other roofing material and are designed to withstand Florida’s 150MPH winds. Properly installed tile roofs can last 100 years or more.



Unlike other roofing options that use limited natural resources and contain chemical preservatives, clay roof tiles use natural ingredients and can easily be recycled. Additionally, their long lifespan reduces the need to reroof as frequently, keep material out of landfills.


Independent testing performed at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory has demonstrated that tiles have the ability to cut the transfer of heat compared to other roofing materials such as asphalt shingles by up to 70%.


Proper installation of tile roofing is crucial to long-term leak prevention and wind damage reduction. Our team of expert roofing contractors will leave you with an immaculate job site and a stunning new or repaired roof.

Want to learn more about other styles? Click Here to see our roofing styles page.

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Anthony Lombardi
Anthony Lombardi
December 20, 2022.
We had a small job of basically ridge edges. John Zumaeta, in production, & his crew took over & knocked the job out. Thanks Massey Roofing. Merry Christmas guys.
Irv Kenig
Irv Kenig
December 5, 2022.
Jose Lajara was the sales associate that contacted me. He is very understanding, knowledgeable, dependable and was always available to my calls. He kept me well informed and I felt very comfortable having my roof replaced. Jose is a real asset to your Company.
December 1, 2022.
My salesperson, Jose Lajara and main contact Marissa Orellana provided unparalleled customer service. Marissa is absolutely amazing. Her prompt responses and professionalism are exceptional.
Donald Jackson
Donald Jackson
November 27, 2022.
A friend advised us to hire a local company Massey Construction Group to restore any damage to our place from Hurricane Ian and we are amazed at how fast they came to inspect home. Their employees are polite and accommodating and answered all our questions in detail. We are pleased with the high-quality services of this customer-driven company, we will suggest everyone hire the Massey Construction Group.
Leslie Ford
Leslie Ford
November 26, 2022.
Our parents’ are elderly and we live many states away. I was referred from a friend that has had a tile roof installed last year and was very happy with the installation and process. My parents were super happy with the roof recently installed. The new roof also did not sustain damage from hurricane Ian.
Dallas Parker
Dallas Parker
November 23, 2022.
We are lucky to have our roof installation from Massey Construction Group three years ago. When Hurricane Ian hit us, my husband contacted their team and scheduled a roof inspection immediately. I was pleasantly surprised the roof did not sustained any damage from Hurricane Ian. I recommend this local company that recently won roof of the year.
Jeff Shawn
Jeff Shawn
November 22, 2022.
Massey Construction has reroofed my rentals properties in the past. This company is Local and specializes in tile roofs. Thanks to the accomplished team at the Massey Construction Group for coming to our rescue and offering their incredible services.
Ronald Carter
Ronald Carter
November 20, 2022.
My family got relocated during Hurricane Ian. When we returned home, we were shocked to see the extreme damage caused to our home. Luckily, our neighbor suggested the Massey Construction Group, which helped us restore the damage at reasonable price. We appreciate their professional and dedicated team and will only hire them in the future. HIRE LOCAL
Flora Brooks
Flora Brooks
November 19, 2022.
Massey Construction Group is the best local roofing company we have come across, and we can't recommend their exceptional services enough. They inspected our roof and repaired it by replacing the damaged shingles. My family expresses its gratitude for their remarkable services. Massey also won Roofer of the year in Naples.