Protect Your Cape Coral Roof with a Storm Damage Roofing Inspection

storm damage roofing

If you’re unsure of the state of your South Florida roof, you should book a storm damage inspection with Massey Construction Group to see if it really is. The reason why comes down to insurance and the timing of a claim made in regard to storm damage roofing. We have seen people who live in this high hurricane area suffer massive losses due to not understanding insurance company protocols for what constitutes hurricane damage to a roof. 

We have also seen homeowners take huge roofing risks that don’t pay off when a hurricane or residual storms hit the area. Don’t think that your roof is going to be fine this time. And even if it is, there is always a next time.

What is the best solution? Let us perform an inspection that clarifies what you need to do to protect your roof against hurricanes. We can also give you important information regarding how to file claims for hurricane roof damage.

The Massey Inspection Process 

We perform a specific inspection called The Massey Inspection Process. Our process pertains to South Florida roofing needs plus checks that your roof meets industry and national roofing standards.

Massey Inspection Process Protocols

  1. First, we perform a Wind Uplift Test for wind loads, which in this part of the country often amounts to powerful offshoot storms from hurricanes or actual hurricanes. This test shows the extent of damage to a roof that does not display obvious damage, i.e.broken tiles.  Any wind level can cause roofing damage, though, so never assume your roof is okay because we haven’t had a full-on hurricane in a while. 

Florida hurricane statutes stipulate that a tile can only command a certain amount of lift before it is considered damaged. An insurance adjuster doesn’t always check for this, but during Hurricane Irma, a lot of roofs failed this test even though they showed no cracked or broken tiles. This hurt a lot of homeowners financially. 

  1. We check to see if you have leaks on the roof, and we also check your gutters. Both of these checks pertain to hurricane protection as well as basic roof protection. If left unaccounted for, issues could damage the foundation of your house.
  1. One of the best things about this inspection is: We offer it via live video in real-time. This is great if you have a home elsewhere or you work on the road. We will even do this for you if you are downstairs. This is a great way for us to earn your trust and show you how dependable we are when it comes to taking care of your roofing needs. We also take about 100 photos plus count the broken tiles, all of which help you with documentation.

This documentation shows how the tile sustained damage, as wind damages leave distinct evidence on the tiles. We will also document the type of file that is damaged so it can be traced to the manufacturer. 

All of these pointers help make any claims you need to file, or however else you need to deal with your insurance, much easier. 

Don’t count on luck. Let Massey Construction Group see if your roof is weakened by damage you can’t see. 

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You deserve the best roofers you can find. If you live in the Cape Coral area and need roofing services of any kind, contact Massey Construction Group. Our team was named the “Best Naples Roofing Contractor, 2022” plus placed as a Finalist for “Best Ft. Myers Roofing Contractor, 2022”. You want high-level roofing services, and that is what we provide. Visit our website at or call 1.844.784.ROOF (7663).

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