8 Important Signs Your Roof Needs Replacement Sooner Than Later

As you walk around your home, you’re finding a lot of shingles thrown about. When you go to your attic and look up, there’s light shining in your face. Your energy bills have also been unusually high lately. 

These are a few signs your roof needs replacement. If you put it off for too long, your roof won’t be the only thing you have to take care of. A broken roof can lead to other home structural problems.

So, how do you know for sure your roof is on its last leg? We can tell you. Keep reading to find out if you need to call a contractor.

1. Missing or Damaged Shingles 

If your attic has poor ventilation, the moisture will force the nails holding down your shingles to come out. Once the nails have come loose, your shingles will begin to curl up. The first time a heavy storm blows through your area, these shingles may even go flying off the roof. 

Another way to tell when it’s time to replace roof shingles is by taking a look at your gutters. If there are any granules floating around in there, that’s a bad sign. 

Missing and damaged shingles will leave your home exposed to the elements. Water could come rushing through your attic. Now you’ll have to pay to fix water damage and replace your roof. 

2. Algae Growth 

Many shingles are made using limestone fillers. It keeps manufacturing costs low, but it attracts bacteria. These bacteria eat away at the limestone and strip away the weather-proofing. 

Over time, algae will start to form. Not only will algae make your roof look bad and cause your home value to decrease, but it can also cause wood rot, mold, and other structural damages. 

3. There’s Daylight Coming in 

A little daylight coming into your home during the day will do you some good. Unless the sunlight is coming in through your attic. We will tell you that this problem is sort of hard to judge. 

The light could be a result of the vents that are found in the eaves of your roof. If you have an exhaust fan, that will also let light in. 

4. Mold 

If your attic isn’t ventilated too well, the moisture will rise and cause mold to grow on the underside of your roof. If you’re asking for signs that I need to replace my roof, that’s as good a sign as any.

If the mold is left to its own devices for too long, it will start to rot the wood that’s holding everything together. It can even eat through your roofing materials and destroy asphalt tiles too. On top of roof damage, you may also get sick because mold poses a health hazard. 

Since mold can travel, things can get out of hand pretty fast. You may be faced with replacing your roof and paying for remediation services. 

5. High Energy Bills 

Nobody likes to get an energy bill in the mail that makes their jaw hit the floor. You might be able to save a little bit of money by having your roof replaced. 

The reason for your high energy cost could be that the heat and air that your thermostat is putting out is escaping through your roof. It’s almost the equivalent of leaving your door wide open. 

Since you’re getting a new roof anyway, consider going with a more energy-efficient option like metal. It will reflect the sun’s rays away from your house and keep it cool. It’s also recyclable and durable. 

6. The Roof is Old 

The best time to have your roof replaced depends on the material that it’s made out of. You can get about 20 years out of asphalt shingles. Metal can last almost 70 years before you have to start looking at a replacement. 

Clay and concrete have the longest lifespan. They can last for 100 years or more as long as you take care of them. Chances are, you won’t have to replace them for a long as you live in your house unless your house is old. 

Still, durability doesn’t mean everything. There are certain factors such as your climate that can speed up the degeneration process. After 20 years, you should get on the phone with a contractor if your roof starts showing problems. 

7. Everyone Else is Replacing Their Roof 

If you’re not sure how old your roof is, a good way to tell is by taking a look at the people around you. If your neighbors are replacing their roofs and all the homes were built at about the same time, there’s a good chance yours might need to be replaced as well. 

8. Moss Growth 

If you live in a cool climate, your roof is vulnerable to moss growth. Moss isn’t aesthetically pleasing to look at and it sits on your roof and gathers water. 

If the temperatures drop down to freezing, the moisture will destroy the granules on your roof. You can remove the moss, but it will always grow back. You’ll need to trade up to a roofing material that’s resistant to it. 

Signs Your Roof Needs Replacement That You Shouldn’t Ignore 

Do I need to repair my roof? Sometimes you can save it, but if you notice any of these signs your roof needs replacement.

If you put it off, your home may suffer from serious structural damages. For the safety of you and everyone who is living with you, update your roof. 

If you’re not sure if your roof needs repair or replacement and want an inspection, call us for a free quote: 844.784.7663. 

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