How to hang holiday lights without damaging your roof

It will soon be time to hang those holiday lights and illuminate our homes. Strings of twinkling lights help showcase the holiday spirit and appropriately deck up our residences for the upcoming festive season.

Before we commence the actual process of hanging roof holiday lights, we must focus on the following preparatory measures:

  • Untangle light strands to save time and effort later
  • Inspect lights for frayed wires, broken, fused, or flickering bulbs, so they are fully functional when up on display outdoors
  • Arrange for an extension cord recommended for outdoor usage
  • Examine the condition of our ladders and choose a firm surface to stand them on

Can holiday lights damage my roof?

Yes, we can damage our roofs when we do not follow the recommended steps to hang our holiday lights. Suspending our lights from the roof shingles instead of from the eaves with the help of staples, screws, or nails can have damaging and puncturing effects.

Similarly, climbing on the roof to undertake this exercise is not advisable as our roofs cannot withstand the excess weight. Doing so may lead to the protective surface of our roof shingles wearing away and cracking of tiles. Moreover, it is a safety hazard for us when we attempt walking on our roofs, so avoid inviting trouble.

How to hang holiday lights?

Refer to the listed tips on how to hang lights without damaging roof,so you do more good than harm by undertaking this annual tradition:

Stay clear of shingles

The shingles on our roofs are fragile and not designed to securely take the load of holiday lights. It is preferable to attach such decorations to the eaves of our roof rather than its shingles.

Even if we have a flat roof devoid of eaves, there are handy alternatives. We can source clips like the Parrot variety to clamp over our walls such that it juts out from our flat roof. The small holes in these clips help to position holiday lights for my roof.

String lights through plastic clips

Sourcing affordable and effective plastic clips from home improvement stores allow us to install and remove holiday lights conveniently without causing roof damage. We can directly suspend these clips from our roof eaves.

Resorting to plastic clips designed to hang roof holiday lights instead of the conventional fastening methods of using nails or staples works better. The former do not puncture any part of our roof and rule out moisture penetrating through small holes.

Position strands to avoid sagging or drooping

Evenly clip the light strands around our roof’s periphery and prevent any excess sections to sag or droop. Avoid overloading our roofs with massive lighting; standard strands of holiday lights for my roof will suffice. 

We must position these lights a safe distance away from regular power lines, antennas, HVAC units, and tree branches. Overloading a single electrical unit may cause the circuit to trip, so cautiously proceed.

Visit and rely on the experts to attend to resultant roof damages from incorrectly hanging lights or other holiday decorations in the past. Our specialized roof inspectors professionally undertake the requisite repair work.

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