Commercial Roofing in Cape Coral, FL

If you need commercial roofing in Cape Coral, Florida, trust our roofing professionals at Massey Construction Group. We’re a local commercial roofing contractor with ample experience in commercial roofing services.   

Offering a comprehensive array of commercial roofing services, we do everything from routine roof repair and maintenance to the most high-end and complicated commercial roofing installations.  

Whether you suspect roof damage, have a leaking roof, or your commercial roofing system is nearing the end of its lifespan, you can trust us for superior roofing services and solutions. 

Since your commercial roofing is crucial to your property’s integrity and security, you should have your roofing services completed by a professional roofing contractor committed to the highest quality products and services. 

At Massey Construction Group, we treat your commercial building as our own and strive to provide the highest quality commercial roofing products and services.  

Commercial Roof Repair in Cape Coral, FL

Most commercial roofs feature flat or low-sloped designs. This means standing water, roof repair, or cracks may occur often. Recognizing the signs of roof repairs early could prevent a minor issue from growing into an expensive replacement.  

Keep an eye out for the following symptoms of damaged commercial roofing that needs repairs:  

  • Moisture problems  
  • Roof sagging  
  • Unstable materials  
  • Blisters and bubbles  
  • Rising energy costs  
  • Flashing failures  

Our Massey Construction Group team is well known for its highly trained commercial roofing experts, who will inspect your roof for noticeable signs of damage. We have what it takes to handle any size job, from minor to extensive commercial roofing repairs.  

Types of Commercial Roofs in Cape Coral, FL

Many kinds of commercial roofs exist, each with various benefits and drawbacks.  

Shingle Roofing

Most commonly used on residential buildings, shingle roofs also work well for commercial properties. Shingles come in various materials and are versatile, affordable, and easy to install. 

Tile Roofing

Tiles offer a highly versatile option for commercial roofing systems, especially when property owners desire a more esthetic or decorative look. For example, a tile roof may give a business plaza or office park a more inviting and welcoming look.

Contact us to have your tile roofing installed as soon as possible.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is environmentally friendly and offers energy efficiency and longevity, even in the most severe weather. Metal roofing often meet Energy Star Ratings to achieve greater cost efficiency.  However, the major downside of metal roofing is its susceptibility to corrosion.  

Modern metal roofing options feature protective surface layers to manage damage from moisture, pollution, exposure, and other environmental factors. Metal roofing has recently gained popularity throughout Florida for its impressive resilience and durability.

If you need metal roofing for your commercial building, our contractors can help get your roof installed.

TPO Roofing

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) roofing systems are lightweight, puncture-resistant, and heat-reflective. UV light, bacterial growth, and chemicals, including fats and oils, are slow to damage TPO roof membranes.   

Since TPO has become quite popular for commercial and residential applications, you want to purchase this type of roof from a reputable manufacturer. Reach out to our roofing company to learn more about our commercial roofing services.  

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Anthony Lombardi
Anthony Lombardi
December 20, 2022.
We had a small job of basically ridge edges. John Zumaeta, in production, & his crew took over & knocked the job out. Thanks Massey Roofing. Merry Christmas guys.
Irv Kenig
Irv Kenig
December 5, 2022.
Jose Lajara was the sales associate that contacted me. He is very understanding, knowledgeable, dependable and was always available to my calls. He kept me well informed and I felt very comfortable having my roof replaced. Jose is a real asset to your Company.
December 1, 2022.
My salesperson, Jose Lajara and main contact Marissa Orellana provided unparalleled customer service. Marissa is absolutely amazing. Her prompt responses and professionalism are exceptional.
Donald Jackson
Donald Jackson
November 27, 2022.
A friend advised us to hire a local company Massey Construction Group to restore any damage to our place from Hurricane Ian and we are amazed at how fast they came to inspect home. Their employees are polite and accommodating and answered all our questions in detail. We are pleased with the high-quality services of this customer-driven company, we will suggest everyone hire the Massey Construction Group.
Leslie Ford
Leslie Ford
November 26, 2022.
Our parents’ are elderly and we live many states away. I was referred from a friend that has had a tile roof installed last year and was very happy with the installation and process. My parents were super happy with the roof recently installed. The new roof also did not sustain damage from hurricane Ian.
Dallas Parker
Dallas Parker
November 23, 2022.
We are lucky to have our roof installation from Massey Construction Group three years ago. When Hurricane Ian hit us, my husband contacted their team and scheduled a roof inspection immediately. I was pleasantly surprised the roof did not sustained any damage from Hurricane Ian. I recommend this local company that recently won roof of the year.
Jeff Shawn
Jeff Shawn
November 22, 2022.
Massey Construction has reroofed my rentals properties in the past. This company is Local and specializes in tile roofs. Thanks to the accomplished team at the Massey Construction Group for coming to our rescue and offering their incredible services.
Ronald Carter
Ronald Carter
November 20, 2022.
My family got relocated during Hurricane Ian. When we returned home, we were shocked to see the extreme damage caused to our home. Luckily, our neighbor suggested the Massey Construction Group, which helped us restore the damage at reasonable price. We appreciate their professional and dedicated team and will only hire them in the future. HIRE LOCAL
Flora Brooks
Flora Brooks
November 19, 2022.
Massey Construction Group is the best local roofing company we have come across, and we can't recommend their exceptional services enough. They inspected our roof and repaired it by replacing the damaged shingles. My family expresses its gratitude for their remarkable services. Massey also won Roofer of the year in Naples.

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Commercial Roof Replacement vs. Repair

Eventually, all roofs, including metal roofs, need a roof replacement. Once your roof nears or exceeds its excepted useful life, it can be a sign of upcoming trouble.   

Regular inspections and consistent maintenance can help delay the effects of an old roof. However, replacing your roof may be a better option if your roof has incurred extensive damage.  

Keep these in mind when deciding whether to fix or replace your commercial roof:  

Time Constraints

Roof replacements take significantly more time than roof repairs. A roof replacement can take weeks, while a roofing company can complete a roof in a single day. Therefore, repairs are the better option if you want to quickly and effectively resolve a leaking roof.  

Emergency Situation

If you have a roofing emergency, such as a significant leak causing water damage to your building or property, you may have little time for a roof replacement. Instead, have that section, or the entire roof, repaired. A Florida roofing company can seal it against water.  

Why Choose Us for Commercial Roofing in Cape Coral, FL?

Licensed & Insured Services

At Massey Construction Group, we commit to providing the best service possible. That includes ensuring all of our technicians are licensed and insured. We want you to know that when you work with us, you're working with a professional Cape Coral roofing company that has your back.

Timely & Reliable Service

Our team comprises experienced professionals who have worked in the roofing industry for years. We understand the importance of reliable service and always go above and beyond to ensure we complete our customers' residential and commercial roofing projects on time.

Honest & Professional Advice

We understand that you have many options for commercial roofing in Cape Coral, Florida. That's why we pride ourselves on our expertise and providing honest and professional advice and service. Our roofing contractor will be transparent about what we can do, how much roofing material you'll need, and what your residential or commercial roof job will cost.

Free Upfront Estimates

We offer free upfront estimates for all our commercial roofing services, including metal roofing, TPO roofs, and flat roofing. Our commercial roofing contractors have the expertise to give you an accurate residential or commercial roofing estimate that covers all work for your new construction before we start any roofing repair work.

Call Us for Quality Commercial Roofing in Cape Coral, FL

Whether it be roofing installation, repair, replacement, or maintenance, every project is different, and we prioritize understanding clients’ needs to provide the best service. We work with everything from metal roofing to TPO roofing systems and can have your roof installed as soon as possible.

Trust us for dependable commercial roofing services if you’re in Cape Coral, FL, or the surrounding areas. Our reputation speaks for itself, and businesses throughout Florida trust us with their roofing systems.

Contact us at 844-784-7663 to get your free estimate for commercial roofing services in Cape Coral and surrounding areas in Florida. Our competent roofing contractors are standing ready to take your call!