Here’s How to Keep Your House Cool Amid Rising Heat Temperatures in SWFL

Temperatures this summer are on track to break records. With heat waves across the country and very little forecasted rainfall, staying cool has become a major challenge, even in your own home. 

To keep your house cool in these temperatures, you’ll need more than an air conditioning system, especially if your home wasn’t built to withstand above-average heat. Read on to learn how to keep your house cool this summer, and find out how your roof may be affecting indoor temperatures. 

How Your Roof Affects Your Home’s Indoor Temperature

When your house becomes too hot to bear, your thoughts may not turn to your roof—though they should. In fact, every aspect of your roof, from color to construction, affects the temperature you experience inside. 

The material of your roof is one of the biggest factors in your home’s temperature, as it partially controls how much light and heat that gets absorbed. Certain materials, like shingles or tile, can keep your home moderately cool. However, metal roofs are by far the best at reflecting heat. 

The color of your roof also influences the temperature of your home. Lighter-colored roofs will reflect the sun’s rays, deflecting the heat and keeping the interior cooler. On the other hand, darker roofs absorb heat and trap it inside your home, making for higher indoor temperatures; particularly in the upper levels of your home. 

The other deciding factor in how your roof affects your home’s temperature has to do with ventilation. As your home heats up, the hot air rises and becomes trapped beneath your roof. Without proper ventilation, the unwanted heat has nowhere to go. This can make it difficult to cool down your home once it’s become too hot to bear. 

Cooling Your Home From the Outside In

Luckily, there are some changes you can make to your roof that will help you keep your house cool despite rising temperatures. Whether you plan to completely replace the structure of your roof or just want a quick solution, here’s how to cool your house from the outside in. 

Add a Cool Coating

If your roof is low-sloping and in good condition, you can add a cool coating that will help keep indoor temperatures low. Cool coatings are generally made from ceramic or concrete particles that can be sprayed or brushed onto your roof. Once applied, they’ll increase the reflectivity of your roof and prevent high levels of heat from penetrating it. This makes for a relatively quick way to keep your house cool on hot days. 

Opt for New Shingles

Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular roofing types for residential buildings. Unfortunately, they don’t reflect heat particularly well. 

If your home has shingles, investing in some that are specifically designed to cool your home is a good idea. Some modern types of shingles come equipped with special coatings that make them more reflective, allowing you to keep your home cool in the summer while enjoying the aesthetic value of a shingle-topped roof.

Improve Your Home’s Ventilation

The best way to ensure your roof isn’t heating your home in the winter is to improve its ability to ventilate. Proper ventilation gives the hot air a way to escape, rather than continually circulating throughout the house. This allows your home to cool more quickly and more efficiently. Working with a reliable roofing company can make ventilating your roof easy, and will leave you to enjoy the rest of the summer completely cool.

Quick Way to Keep Your House Cool This Summer

Aside from making changes to your roof itself, there are some easy ways you can cool down your house this summer. Read on for some quick fixes that will keep you comfortable during the current heat wave. 

Keep the Light Out

The more sunlight enters your home, the hotter it will get inside. During the day, keep blinds, curtains and shutters closed to keep as much light out as possible. While it may be tempting to flood your home with natural light on a sunny day, you’ll likely regret it when the air conditioner fails to keep you cool. Instead, keep the curtains shut tight and head outside when you need to feel the warmth of the sun. 

Be Mindful of Open Doors

While it may seem obvious, closing all doors that lead to the outside is essential for keeping indoor temperatures low. The temptation to rely on a screen door to let some air in is strong, but will only end up bringing the heat inside. 

Similarly, if your home has a sunroom or conservatory, shutting the doors that lead to those rooms can keep the hot air from penetrating the rest of your house. And if your home doesn’t feature an open floor plan, opening interior doors can promote airflow and keep cool air circulating. 

Swap Out Lightbulbs

Turning off lights when you aren’t using them can help keep a room cool, but so can switching to energy-efficient bulbs. Swapping old lightbulbs out with long-lasting LEDs is an easy way to significantly cool down a room while saving energy.

Limit the Use of Appliances

Whether you’re cooking, doing laundry or washing dishes, running large appliances in your home generates a lot of unwanted heat. Instead, avoid using the oven unless absolutely necessary, and opt for running the washing machine or dishwasher at night when temperatures are cooler. 

Keep Your Home Cool With Help From Massey Roofing

Florida is no exception to the extreme temperatures across the country this summer. For years, Massey Roofing & Construction has supplied Florida homeowners with roofing services that will keep their homes cool from the outside in. 

If you’re not sure if your roof has proper ventilation, or want to schedule an inspection, call Massey Roofing & Construction for a free quote at (844)-784-7663.

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