Customer Reading about roofing repair

Choosing a roofer is like choosing a doctor

Do you want the cheapest or the best doctor performing your surgery? The homeowner’s insurance process in Florida has changed and now models the medical insurance claim process. This means no more negotiating with your insurance claim provider what should and shouldn’t be covered under your policy. Your roofing contractor IS the expert, and you…

Palm Trees Blowing In Storm

Storm Damage Statute of Limitations

If you home endured Hurricane Irma in September of 2017, you CAN still get your roof repaired and replaced by your insurance provider. Rainy season is here and if your roof is leaking, you may be suffering from storm damage that was never uncovered. Here is information on the Statute of Limitations for Storm Damage:…

Tile Roof

Identify Hidden Tile Roof Damage

While roofs are installed to resist usual wind speeds, they can be weakened or damaged over the years by high wind speeds and debris. Immediately replacing missing or shifted shingles are the best way to prevent major damage and keep repairs from soaring. Outdoor Inspection Performing an outdoor inspection is a good way to quickly…